ASH Finance

Looking for a partner you can count on in any situation? Welcome to ASH!

ASH is the leading system provider of innovative technical products for cleaning and clearing all traffic areas as well as mowing green spaces in particularly challenging terrain. Our extensive range of products comprises our own vehicles as well as innovative attachments and demountable devices for individual vehicle equipment.

Our decades of extensive experience make ASH a both reliable and competent partner to customers from all over the world. A service programme perfectly tailored to sophisticated customer needs offers the appropriate solution to nearly any challenge.

ASH Finance provides finance solutions via Aebi Schmidt’s cooperation with a strong international asset-based specialised finance partner. There are plenty of good reasons to select ASH Finance:


Why to choose finance versus cash?

  • Pay for use rather than ownership of equipment
  • Keep existing credit lines intact
  • Manage your cash flow via predictable payments
  • Enjoy tax benefits
  • Make equipment upgrade easier


Why to choose ASH Finance?

  • Arrange financing at the point of equipment sale
  • Make decision based on advice from industry knowledgeable finance specialists
  • Benefit from tailored solutions
  • Be flexible with various finance options
  • Get response quickly
  • Be assured of availability and stability of funding

Plenty of flexibility and choice

ASH offers also a wide range of financing and leasing programs designed to meet the various business needs of today’s customers. Some of our most popular finance programs are featured below. Call your local sales representative or ASH Finance representation to additional information or with any questions you may have.


Finance Lease

With a Finance Lease, your company has fixed payments over the term of the contract.


  • Level monthly payments
  • Deduction of full rentals for tax consideration
  • Payment of equipment over time


  • Fixed costs aid budgeting
  • Borrower takes full advantage of tax benefits
  • Conserves working capital


Hire Purchase

With a Hire Purchase option your company can purchase the equipment for an amount specified at the beginning of the contract.


  • Level monthly payments
  • Option to purchase for a fixed price
  • Payment of equipment over time


  • Fixed cost aids budgeting
  • Operational ownership
  • Conserves working capital


Operating Lease

An operating lease in which your company may purchase the equipment for a residual value at lease end, extend the lease or return the equipment to ASH Finance.


  • Level monthly payments
  • Option to purchase for market price
  • Lessee may claim payments as expense (subject to advice of your accountant)
  • Pay only for equipment use
  • May provide planned replacement


  • Fixed costs aid budgeting
  • Operational ownership
  • May provide tax benefits
  • Conserves working capital
  • At term end, equipment may be replaced with new unit
  • Lower monthly payments


Flexible options:

  • New or used equipment finance
  • Monthly or quarterly payments
  • Various end-of-lease options
  • Break-out options
  • Balloon payments
  • Step-up or Step-down payments
  • Deferred payments and skipped billings
  • Seasonal schedules



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